Replies to commonly asked questions concerning HGH
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Answers to Questions about HGH


Answers to Questions about HGH

Answers to Questions about HGH

Replies to commonly asked questions concerning HGH and testosterone as part of an anti – aging program.

  • In the USA and Canada why can’t a doctor prescribe HGH injections as part of an age management program.

Starting in 2008 medical doctors were prohibited from prescribing HGH human growth hormone for age management quality of life purposes. This drastic change in regulations was prompted by athletes and body builders abusing HGH injections to gain a competitive advantage in their respective sports.

In Costa Rica HGH replacement is perfectly legal for anti – aging quality of life purposes under the care of a medical doctor.

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  • What does an anti – aging program consist of?

HGH and testosterone replacement are the key anchors of an anti – aging program. Hormone optimization combined with a healthy life style incorporating sound nutrition and a good exercise program complement each other to provide maximum results. Finally, an annual age appropriate medical exam that incorporates the patient´s family and personal history insure that the medical staff has a complete picture of the patient´s health.

Male patients that combine both HGH and testosterone replacement receive the best benefits.

  • Why is HGH and testosterone replacement a continuous process?

Hormone replacement is not a temporary or “one shot deal “. By the time we attain middle age the production of these two important hormones is 70 % lower than when we were in our twenties. Physical and psychological symptoms of low HGH and testosterone are quite prevalent in middle aged males. Increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, and bone mass, declines in energy, stamina and libido are typical in middle aged men. Many patients also report bouts of depression and reduced feeling of well – being.

  • How is testosterone and HGH prescribed?

HGH must be injected to be absorbed into the blood stream. HGH is prescribed and injected by IU´s (International units). We provide our patients with a 10 mg – 30 IU pen. HGH is injected 5 days on and 2 days off. Testosterone injections are superior to creams and pellets. Patients inject testosterone one time per week with the dosage typically ranging from 0.6 ml to 1.0 ml.

  • How do I start your anti – aging program?

Patients will visit our clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica for one day. All new patients are required to have a medical exam and our 20 panel blood tests. Patients will have a blood draw at 8:00 AM and return at 3:00 PM for their appointment with their doctor. After a consultation patients will have a medical exam, have their blood test results explained, learn how to inject the hormones, purchase a six month supply and finish their meeting by 5:00 PM.

  • What airlines service San Jose, Costa Rica?

Air Canada, American, Delta, and United Airlines all have flights to San Jose, Costa Rica from their respective hubs in Canada and the USA.

An anti – aging program is not an expense it is an investment in the quality and vitality of your life.

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