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Safe way to Buy HGH Online

Now is the time to invest in the quality of your life!


First, make sure to only buy human growth hormone online that is produced by FDA approved and globally respected pharmaceutical companies. Human growth hormone (HGH) produced in Asia should not be taken, regardless of how attractive the price is.


All our patients for Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) treatments are screened under strict medical conditions and only offered these treatments if their tests results determine they can benefit from hormone optimization. After it is determined that the patient will benefit from hormone optimization a recommended prescription is offered to the patient and the option to buy HGH online becomes available.

Prior to moving forward with the medical exam and blood tests, all prospective patients are entitled to a no cost no obligation 30 minute consultation with one of our medical staff.

You can get started by simply contacting us via phone or on line to schedule a medical exam and have our required panel of blood tests.

We’ll require you to visit our clinic in Costa Rica for the initial health evaluation required to develop the individualized, healthy, age management program for you. In addition to coming to Costa Rica for first class medical treatment, many people also use this visit as an opportunity to vacation in this beautiful tropical country.

There is no problem with the patient entering the USA carrying their own medication if they carry a doctor´s prescription and the quantity of human growth hormone HGH is for personal use.

You can have everything done the same day, so you do not need to be in Costa Rica for more than 48 hours.

When can I buy human growth hormone online?

You can buy HGH online through us as long as you comply with the required medical control through blood tests and required consultation.

We provide HGH human growth hormone in a device that is a 10 mg – 30 IU pen that comes premixed and is injected via 31g disposable needles. A typical male patient will inject 2.0 IU per day five days on and two days off. The actual dosage is determined by the patient´s body weight and blood test results.

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