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HGH and Anti-Aging


We are an international medical company (clinic) based in San Jose, Costa Rica. We work closely with top hospitals and professionals to offer a competitive and safe anti aging treatment through our extensive network of physicians and health care related professionals.

All patients for Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) treatments are screened under strict medical conditions and only offered these treatments if their tests results determine they can benefit from hormone optimization. After it is determined that the patient will benefit from hormone optimization a recommended prescription is offered to the patient.

HGH and Anti-Aging

HGH and Anti-Aging


HGH is an integral part of anti aging hormone optimization , this treatment is sought after in all parts of the developed world.

Many studies show that by increasing the body’s level of HGH, it may be possible to “turn back the clock,” reversing signs of aging and returning the appearance and vitality of youth.

The excitement over this treatment and its benefits has resulted in rejuvenation offering this treatment under strict medical supervision at a discounted cost so everyone eligible for this treatment can get access to its benefits.

Anti Aging Clinic Costa Rica

We are based in Costa Rica to reduce our cost base and hence all of our savings are passed to you, our customers, making this treatment affordable to everyone. Also an ideal location regarding post treatment recuperation.

We use results from your health evaluation to develop an individualized healthy-age management program to help you look and feel like a younger. Our Anti Aging therapies are based on scientifically proven treatments, provided in the country of Costa Rica in a professional environment by English speaking, experienced, and certified medical doctors with high standards in the industry of medical tourism!