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HGH Cenegenics Cost and Human Growth Hormone

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Cenegenics and HGH – Human Growth Hormone

Cenegenics and HGH

Cenegenics and HGH

The Anti Aging Institute of The Americas, located in the upscale Escazu suburb of San Jose, Costa Rica now offers Cenegenics patients and prospective patients a lower cost option with no sacrifice in quality of patient services. Our patients will receive the equivalent Cenegenics HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Cenegenics HGH (Human Growth Hormone) treatments in beautiful Costa Rica.


Growing old is inevitable but looking and feeling old is your decision. The ANTI AGING INSTITUTE OF THE AMERICAS is your vehicle to looking and feeling younger by embracing our anti aging program. As modern medicine has evolved, human beings are living much longer than they were two hundred years ago when the average life expectancy was fifty years. However our endocrine systems have not evolved to produce more essential hormones such as HGH and testosterone that we need to maintain active and productive life styles. In most countries human beings are expected to work at a high rate of production up to their mid to late sixties. Middle aged people simply do not have the testosterone and human growth hormone levels (HGH) to sustain the productivity that is expected of them while maintaining an active fulfilling life style in their free time. Keep reading to learn more about the cost of cenegenics.

Cenegenics Cost – Patients & Physicians Point of View

Cenegenics was the pioneer of the practice of anti aging medicine in the United States. Cenegenics HRT and Cenegenics HGH treatments became a standard for anti aging medicine. The Anti Aging Institute of The Americas offers these same HRT and HGH treatments at less cost in Costa Rica.

HGH – Human Growth Hormone and Anti Aging - Compare with Cenegenics

HGH – Human Growth Hormone and Anti Aging – Compare with Cenegenics

Testosterone and Anti Aging – Compare with Cenegenics

Testosterone and Anti Aging – Compare with Cenegenics

Tips from Dr. Meenavalli

HGH - Anti Aging
How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Want to live a healthy lifestyle and leave your couch potato days behind? Check out these ways to be healthier and live longer. More and more research is showing that the key to lifelong good health is what experts call “lifestyle”. Healthy eating, fitness and being at an ideal weight are all important in order to live a long and healthy life. Living a healthy life isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about feeling great in your own skin. By adding fitness to your life and variety and flavor to your diet, you can enjoy living. Based on the experience gained over his many years in healthcare, Dr. Meenavalli talks about how to achieve a healthy body, a healthy mind and a better life style. Choose food that contains minimal amounts of unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats include both trans fats and saturated fats. These fats will raise your LDL cholesterol, and elevated LDL cholesterol often correlates with an increased risk for heart disease.

  • Do not worry about things you have no control over.
  • Eat healthy, work smarter, do gardening.
  • Dysfunctional relationships are hazardous to your health, avoid them at all costs.
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The Anti Aging Institute of The Americas offers a quality lower priced alternative to Cenegenics. We are strategically located in San Jose, Costa Rica which enables us to have lower operating costs than Cenegenics has in the USA. We pass these savings on to our patients. Our clinic is only a 3 hour flight from Houston and 2.5 hours from Miami.
We offer our patients a full complement of anti – aging services:
  • Bio – Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy BHRT including human growth hormone HGH, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen replacement
  • Comprehensive medical testing, cardio stress test, echo gram, body fat, muscle mass, metabolic rate, and metabolic age
  • In house blood testing
  • Nutritional Counseling and Diet Plans
  • Exercise Counseling and Workout Plans
  • Quality Supplements
Costa Rica is well known as a leading medical tourism destination. With respected medical schools, bilingual population, and a safe peaceful society. Many patients combine a trip to our clinic with a vacation to enjoy Costa Rica´s pristine beaches, rain forests, and national parks.
Now is the time to lower your Cenegenics cost and initiate our anti –aging program.