HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone

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HGH And Anti Aging Clinics in Costa Rica.



Human growth hormone (HGH) or the broad term Somatropin is a natural hormone that all of us have flowing in our blood stream. The hormone is created in the anterior pituitary gland in our brain. Human growth hormone production controls and promotes the growth of bones and muscles in your body. It also promotes cell growth and restoration in your body. At the age of 24 the production of HGH in your body slowly and gradually begins to failure. Prior to the age of 25 our human growth hormone levels as measured by the IGF–1 factor are about 350. By the time we touch the middle age (40 or more) the levels of human growth hormone HGH in our bodies has dropped to important lower levels with an IGF – 1 factor below 170.

Prior to 1.985 human growth hormone (HGH) was manufactured from the pituitary glands in corpses. In 1.981 Genentech Labs pioneered the DNA knowledge to reproduce bio–identical human growth hormone HGH for use in the medical market place. In 1.985 the USA FDA approved laboratory formed human growth hormone for use in the medical market place.

It is our opinion at The Anti Aging Institute of The Americas that human growth hormone HGH replacement has substantial anti – aging benefits when used under a MD’s careful supervision. Elevating our patient’s levels to a IGF – 1 factor of 350 has substantial remunerations. Some of the benefits are amplified recovery and healing times, increased muscle mass on an incremental base, and reduced body fat. Our patients aren’t allowed to elevate HGH levels above IGF – 1.350 and patients that knowingly ingest abusive levels of HGH should be aware of the bad consequences which can include an inflated heart and enlarged cranial size.

In males we utilize human growth hormone (HGH) replacement with testosterone replacement to attain the best anti–aging results. It’s fundamental to our philosophy that anti–aging is hormone replacement utilizing human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone, healthy nutrition and a good exercise plan. The patients that follow this discipline experience higher results in looking and feeling younger and have a superior quality of life than their peers that select not to embrace an anti–aging program.

Human growth hormone replacement (HGH) can’t be provided to patients that have cancer, diabetes related diseases or are recovering from recent traumatic surgery such as open heart operation. Patients must make sure that their human growth hormone (HGH) is produced by FDA approved globally respected pharmaceutical companies. Human growth hormone (HGH) produced in Asia should not be taken, regardless of how attractive the price is. In the United States human growth hormone (HGH) is accepted for the treatment of AIDS and dwarfism.

In Costa Rica human growth hormone (HGH) is legal for anti–aging quality of life purposes under a doctor’s care and regulation.