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Testosterone is produced mainly in the testicles in males & ovaries in females. Typically males have testosterone levels of more than 7 times that of females.

Testosterone levels rise in pre–adolescence at the end of childhood causing the onset of body odor, oily skin & hair, bone size & mass growth & the development of hair on the lips & sideburns.

During adolescence testosterone levels rise above normal adult levels as a countless amount of changes occur in the body. During this phase the development of facial hair, pubic hair, leg hair chest hair begins. Sex drive grows along with less facial grease changes in the bone outlines of the face as jaws become more protuberant along with larger cheek bones. The voice deepens too, muscle mass grows & fertility becomes probable.

At the age of thirty testosterone production starts to decline & the total testosterone level which is normally 1.200 for a male in his 20’s begins to decline. Slowly but certainly testosterone levels decline & by middle age. Many men have a lot lower levels than what they were in their 20s & can experience various indicators of low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can cause decays in energy & stamina, reduced muscle mass & definition, increased body fat, declines in sexual desire & damage of bone density & mass. Some men can also experience depression & a declining sensation of well–being & happiness. At the Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas testosterone replacement therapy is one of our core services. All clients receive a medical exam & an extensive panel of blood tests prior to beginning testosterone replacement therapy. Our objective is to elevate our patient’s level of testosterone to 1.200.

We screen our patients’ testosterone levels during 12 months with periodic control blood tests.

Some of the remunerations of testosterone replacement are increased sexual desire, increased muscle mass, decreased body fat, enhanced sense of well – being, stopping osteoporosis, increased energy & stamina, lower fat & blood pressure levels.

At The Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas we offer testosterone replacement in 3 different delivery systems.

  1. Pellet implants procedure using 100 mg pellets, usually six – ten pellets per implant procedure.
  2. Inject – able oil-based testosterone 250 mg per ml of testosterone, normally 1.0 ml /week.
  3. Gel based topical ointment with concentrations ranging from 6 to 19%. We truly recommend the pill implants technique & the injectable as the best & most reliable delivery mechanisms.

Anti-Aging: hormone replacement + a healthy nutrition + a good exercise routine.

Aging is inevitable but looking & feeling old for your age is a personal decision.